We launched WTM Label (Welcome To Masomenos)in 2008 with the release of our first bootleg/compilation CD Costes Presents…Bon Voyage. We started then producing a lot of musical and visual content and soon realised tha we could release it by creating our own label.
Our first project was the Masomenos Livemix, a serie of 8 vinyls and 
mixed cds.
We kept on releasing project like this, encapsulating our work over a period of time and released The Third Eye (2009), Balloons (2011), Technocolor (2012), Tofidi (2013) and Animata (2014). Meanwhile, we had an ongoing serie of Masomenos&friends that welcomed production in collaboration with various artists. Totem and Tabou album came out only as promo cd and digital to support the seamingly called installation. M7TH is a vinyl release that is illustrated by a serie of see the music videos.

Yu can listen and buy WTM sound on our jukebox music shop.