We launched WTM Label (Welcome To Masomenos)in 2008 with the release of our first bootleg/compilation CD “costes presents…Bon voyage”
We started then producing a lot of musical and visual content and soon realised tha we could release it by creating our own label. Our first project was “The Masomenos Live Mix”, a serie of 8 vinyls and
mixed cds.We kept on releasing project like this, encapsulating our work over a period of time and released The Third Eye (2009), Balloons (2011), Technocolor (2012), Tofidi (2013) and Animata (2014). Meanwhile, we had an ongoing serie of Masomenos&friends that welcomed production in collaboration with various artists. Totem and Tabou album came out only as promo cd and digital to support the seamingly called installation.
M7TH is a vinyl release that is illustrated by a serie of see the music videos.


We started to play in clubs and festivals around the world as performers and DJs more
than ten years ago. When we first met, we had on one hand a DJ playing her favorite
music, and on the other hand a compositor/producer who played his own music.
So we decided to set up a live show including this two different acts.
With the experience, by touring and performing, we also added a visual dimension and
stage design to get people into our universe and offer a singular trip... 


Over the years our studio has mooved to three different locations. Our recording
studio keeps on evolving following our artistic and musical projects. A stimulating
environment dedicated to the music allowing us to create and escape.
Now located at Hôtel Costes - STUDIO HC - our playground is made of various analog
and digital instruments allowing us to compose, record,
mix and master our own music but also to record live musician.
We are also very thrilled to launch “the hôtel costes presents”
vynil serie that have been recorded and sometimes produced at the studio.


Musical curation is a natural prerequisite for becoming a dj. And it’s a great pleasure for us to curate playlists for hôtel costes as STUDIO HC, in collaboration with wym.

You can also listen to our music selection on spotify:
masomenosears  and masomenosintheclub