with Kate Simko

After several random discussions on the perception we had of the relationship between
visuals and music
, Kate Simko encouraged us to participate in her London Electronic
Orchestra Project that was to be a graduation show for the London Royal College of Music.

The idea was to create a visual surrounding for the concert night in Britten Theatre.
A symphonic orchestra would play the electronic music of Masomenos Coco Classico.
This proposal was well timed as we had just spent the year working and developing our n
installation Color Piano with the help of our talented intern Aurelien Krieger.
As we began to work on the scenes, we strove to create a different visual style than the 
usual masomenos tripped/pop/fun aesthetic. We built scenes in C4D in which all objects
were linked to an instrument group that would light up and give life to the scene.

All scenes would have a different light story depending on the piece of music that was
being played, and how we choose to assign it. These are all technical words, but the
result was simply poetic and intuitive. On March 12th, 2014, the orchestra played and
your eyes could follow the music and it was great to watch!

For more information (press release or quotation) about this installation,
please contact us at team@welcometomasomenos.com