The Hut is a mechanical device delivering music designed as a semi-permanent nomadic
construction, like a listening shed where the dense reality blends with a heightened reality, thus offering a multi-sensorial experience of our sixth album.    

The album thus associated with the Hut, generates both a listening and visual vision, leaving our senses to guide us. The vessel is guarded by five masks:
Balt, Ohaoo,  What Do You Mean, Scuba and La Chouette.  They play the role of hosts, interpreters, synthesisers and masters of ceremonies. Outside, they greet the visitors.
Inside The Hut, each of them translate a specific aspect of the melody or the rhythm in colors; sometimes solo, sometimes in unison.

The Totem & Tabou App, available on Google Play and App Store, enhances the physical experience in the Hut :it becomes a playground of heightened reality.

You can discover more by check these videos.

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